Notmuch 0.18.1 (2014-06-25)

This is a bug fix and portability release.

Build System

Add a workaround for systems without zlib.pc

Make emacs install robust against the non-existence of emacs

Put notmuch lib directory first in RPATH

Fix handling of html_static_path in sphinx

Both the python bindings and the main docs had spurious settings of this variable.

Test Suite

Use --quick when starting emacs

This avoids a hang in the T160-json tests.

Allow pending break points in atomicity script

This allows the atomicity tests to run on several more architectures/OSes.

Command-Line Interface

To improve portability use fsync instead of fdatasync in notmuch-dump. There should be no functional difference.

Library changes

Resurrect support for single-message mbox files

The removal introduced a bug with previously indexed single-message mboxes. This support remains deprecated.

Fix for phrase indexing

There were several bugs where words intermingled from different headers and MIME parts could match a single phrase query. This fix will affect only newly indexed messages.

Emacs Interface

Make sure tagging on an empty query is harmless

Previously tagging an empty query could lead to tags being unintentionally removed.