Notmuch 0.15 (2013-01-18)


Date range search support

The date: prefix can now be used in queries to restrict the results to only messages within a particular time range (based on the Date: header) with a range syntax of date:<since>..<until>. Notmuch supports a wide variety of expressions in <since> and <until>. Please refer to the notmuch-search-terms(7) manual page for details.

Empty tag names and tags beginning with "-" are deprecated

Such tags have been a frequent source of confusion and cause (sometimes unresolvable) conflicts with other syntax. notmuch tag no longer allows such tags to be added to messages. Removing such tags continues to be supported to allow cleanup of existing tags, but may be removed in a future release.

Command-Line Interface

notmuch new no longer chokes on mboxes

notmuch new now rejects mbox files containing more than one message, rather than treating the file as one giant message.

Support for single message mboxes is deprecated

For historical reasons, notmuch new will index mbox files containing a single message; however, this behavior is now officially deprecated.

Fixed notmuch new to skip ignored broken symlinks

notmuch new now correctly skips symlinks if they are in the ignored files list. Previously, it would abort when encountering broken symlink, even if it was ignored.

New dump/restore format and tagging interface

There is a new batch-tag format for dump and restore that is more robust, particularly with respect to tags and message-ids containing whitespace.

notmuch tag now supports the ability to read tag operations and queries from an input stream, in a format compatible with the new dump/restore format.

Bcc and Reply-To headers are now available in notmuch show json output

The notmuch show --format=json now includes "Bcc" and "Reply-To" headers. For example notmuch Emacs client can now have these headers visible when the headers are added to the notmuch-message-headers variable.

CLI callers can now request a specific output format version

notmuch subcommands that support structured output now support a --format-version argument for requesting a specific version of the structured output, enabling better compatibility and error handling.

notmuch search has gained a null character separated text output format

The new --format=text0 output format for notmuch search prints output separated by null characters rather than newline characters. This is similar to the find(1) -print0 option, and works together with the xargs(1) -0 option.

Emacs Interface

Removal of the deprecated notmuch-folders variable

notmuch-folders has been deprecated since the introduction of saved searches and the notmuch hello view in notmuch 0.3. notmuch-folders has now been removed. Any remaining users should migrate to notmuch-saved-searches.

Visibility of MIME parts can be toggled

Each part of a multi-part MIME email can now be shown or hidden using the button at the top of each part (by pressing RET on it or by clicking). For emails with multiple alternative formats (e.g., plain text and HTML), only the preferred format is shown initially, but other formats can be shown using their part buttons. To control the behavior of this, see notmuch-multipart/alternative-discouraged and notmuch-show-all-multipart/alternative-parts.

Note notmuch-show-print-message (bound to '#' by default) will print all parts of multipart/alternative message regardless of whether they are currently hidden or shown in the buffer.

Emacs now buttonizes mid: links

mid: links are a standardized way to link to messages by message ID (see RFC 2392). Emacs now hyperlinks mid: links to the appropriate notmuch search.

Handle errors from bodypart insertions

If displaying the text of a message in show mode causes an error (in the notmuch-show-insert-part-* functions), notmuch no longer cuts off thread display at the offending message. The error is now simply displayed in place of the message.

Emacs now detects version mismatches with the notmuch CLI

Emacs now detects and reports when the Emacs interface version and the notmuch CLI version are incompatible.

Improved text/calendar content handling

Carriage returns in embedded text/calendar content caused insertion of the calendar content fail. Now CRs are removed before calling icalendar to extract icalendar data. In case icalendar extraction fails an error is thrown for the bodypart insertion function to deal with.

Disabled coding conversions when reading in with-current-notmuch-show-message

Depending on the user's locale, saving attachments containing 8-bit data may have performed an unintentional encoding conversion, corrupting the saved attachment. This has been fixed by making with-current-notmuch-show-message disable coding conversion.

Fixed errors with HTML email containing images in Emacs 24

Emacs 24 ships with a new HTML renderer that produces better output, but is slightly buggy. We work around a bug that caused it to fail for HTML email containing images.

Fixed handling of tags with unusual characters in them

Emacs now handles tags containing spaces, quotes, and parenthesis.

Fixed buttonization of id: links without quote characters

Emacs now correctly buttonizes id: links where the message ID is not quoted.

notmuch-hello refresh point placement improvements

Refreshing the notmuch-hello buffer does a better job of keeping the point where it was.

Automatic tag changes are now unified and customizable

All the automatic tag changes that the Emacs interface makes when reading, archiving, or replying to messages, can now be customized. Any number of tag additions and removals is supported through the notmuch-show-mark-read, notmuch-archive-tags, and notmuch-message-replied-tags customization variables.

Support for stashing the thread id in show view

Invoking notmuch-show-stash-message-id with a prefix argument stashes the (local and database specific) thread id of the current thread instead of the message id.

New add-on tool: notmuch-pick

The new contrib/ tool notmuch-pick is an experimental threaded message view for the emacs interface. Each message is one line in the results and the thread structure is shown using UTF-8 box drawing characters (similar to Mutt's threaded view). It comes between search and show in terms of amount of output and can be useful for viewing both single threads and multiple threads. See the notmuch-pick README file for further details and installation.


notmuch now builds on OpenBSD.

Internal test framework changes

The emacsclient binary is now user-configurable

The test framework now accepts TEST_EMACSCLIENT in addition to TEST_EMACS for configuring the emacsclient to use. This is necessary to avoid using an old emacsclient with a new emacs, which can result in buggy behavior.