Notmuch 0.14 (2012-08-20)

General bug fixes

Maildir tag synchronization

Maildir flag-to-tag synchronization now applies only to messages in maildir-like directory structures. Previously, it applied to any message that had a maildir "info" part, which meant it could incorrectly synchronize tags for non-maildir messages, while at the same time failing to synchronize tags for newly received maildir messages (typically causing new messages to not receive the "unread" tag).

Command-Line Interface

The deprecated positional output file argument to notmuch dump has been replaced with an --output option. The input file positional argument to notmuch restore has been replaced with an --input option for consistency with dump. These changes simplify the syntax of dump/restore options and make them more consistent with other notmuch commands.

Emacs Interface

Search results now get re-colored when tags are updated

The formatting of tags in search results can now be customized

Previously, attempting to change the format of tags in notmuch-search-result-format would usually break tagging from search-mode. We no longer make assumptions about the format.

Experimental support for multi-line search result formats

It is now possible to embed newlines in notmuch-search-result-format to make individual search results span multiple lines.

Next/previous in search and show now move by boundaries

All "next" and "previous" commands in the search and show modes now move to the next/previous result or message boundary. This doesn't change the behavior of "next", but "previous" commands will first move to the beginning of the current result or message if point is inside the result or message.

Search now uses the JSON format internally

This should address problems with unusual characters in authors and subject lines that could confuse the old text-based search parser.

The date shown in search results is no longer padded before applying user-specified formatting

Previously, the date in the search results was padded to fixed width before being formatted with notmuch-search-result-format. It is no longer padded. The default format has been updated, but if you've customized this variable, you may have to change your date format from "%s " to "%12s ".

The thread-id for the target-thread argument for notmuch-search should now be supplied without the "thread:" prefix.