Notmuch 0.11 (2012-01-13)

Command-Line Interface


Hooks have been introduced to notmuch. Hooks are scripts that notmuch invokes before and after certain actions. Initially, notmuch new supports pre-new and post-new hooks that are run before and after importing new messages into the database.

notmuch reply --decrypt bugfix

The notmuch reply command with --decrypt argument had a rarely occurring bug that caused an encrypted message not to be decrypted sometimes. This is now fixed.


Automatic tag query optimization

notmuch tag now automatically optimizes the user's query to exclude messages whose tags won't change. In the past, we've suggested that people do this by hand; this is no longer necessary.

Don't sort messages when creating a dump file

This speeds up tag dumps considerably, without any loss of information. To replicate the old behavior of sorted output (for example to compare two dump files), one can use e.g. sort(1).

Memory Management

Reduction of memory leaks

Two memory leaks when searching and showing messages were identified and fixed in this release.

Emacs Interface

Bug fixes

notmuch-show-advance (bound to the spacebar in notmuch-show-mode) had a bug that caused it to always jump to the next message, even if it should have scrolled down to show more of the current message instead. This is now fixed.

Support notmuch new as a notmuch-poll-script

It's now possible to use notmuch new as a notmuch-poll-script directly. This is also the new default. This allows taking better advantage of the notmuch new hooks from emacs without intermediate scripts.

Improvements in saved search management

New saved searches are now appended to the list of saved searches, not inserted in front. It's also possible to define a sort function for displaying saved searches; alphabetical sort is provided.

Hooks for notmuch-hello

Two new hooks have been added: "notmuch-hello-mode-hook" (called after entering notmuch-hello-mode) and "notmuch-hello-refresh-hook" (called after updating a notmuch-hello buffer).

New face for crypto parts headers

Crypto parts used to be displayed with a hardcoded color. A new face has been introduced to fix this: notmuch-crypto-part-header. It defaults to the same value as before, but can be customized to match other color themes.

Use space as default thousands separator

Large numbers in notmuch-hello are now displayed using a space as thousands separator (e.g. "123 456" instead of "123,456"). This can be changed by customizing "notmuch-hello-thousands-separator".

Call notmuch-show instead of notmuch-search when clicking on buttonized id: links

New function notmuch-show-advance

This new function advances through just the current thread, and is less invasive than notmuch-show-advance-and-archive. It can easily be bound to SPC with:

    (define-key notmuch-show-mode-map " " 'notmuch-show-advance)

Various performance improvements

New add-on tool

The tool contrib/notmuch-deliver helps with initial delivery and tagging of mail (replacing running notmuch new).