notmuch-new - incorporate new mail into the notmuch database


       notmuch new [options]


       Find and import any new messages to the database.

       The  new  command scans all sub-directories of the database, performing
       full-text indexing on new messages that are  found.  Each  new  message
       will automatically be tagged with both the inbox and unread tags.

       You  should  run  notmuch new once after first running notmuch setup to
       create the initial database. The first run may take a long time if  you
       have a significant amount of mail (several hundred thousand messages or
       more). Subsequently, you should run notmuch new whenever  new  mail  is
       delivered and you wish to incorporate it into the database.  These sub‐
       sequent runs will be much quicker than the initial run.

       Invoking notmuch with no command argument will run new if notmuch setup
       has  previously been completed, but notmuch new has not previously been

       notmuch new updates tags according  to  maildir  flag  changes  if  the
       maildir.synchronize_flags  configuration  option  is  enabled. See not‐
       much-config(1) for details.

       The new command supports hooks. See notmuch-hooks(5) for  more  details
       on hooks.

       Supported options for new include

              Prevents hooks from being run.

              Do not print progress or results.

              If  true, when encountering an encrypted message, try to decrypt
              it while indexing, and stash any discovered  session  keys.   If
              auto, try to use any session key already known to belong to this
              message, but do not attempt to use the user's secret  keys.   If
              decryption is successful, index the cleartext of the message.

              Be  aware  that  the index is likely sufficient (and the session
              key is certainly sufficient) to reconstruct the cleartext of the
              message  itself, so please ensure that the notmuch message index
              is  adequately  protected.   DO  NOT   USE   --decrypt=true   or
              --decrypt=nostash  without  considering  the  security  of  your

              See also index.decrypt in notmuch-config(1).

              By  default  notmuch-new  uses  directory   modification   times
              (mtimes)  to  optimize the scanning of directories for new mail.
              This option turns that optimization off.


       This command supports the following special exit status code

       75 (EX_TEMPFAIL)
              A temporary failure occurred; the user is invited to retry.


       notmuch(1), notmuch-config(1), notmuch-count(1), notmuch-dump(1),  not‐
       much-hooks(5), notmuch-insert(1), notmuch-reply(1), notmuch-restore(1),
       notmuch-search(1),   notmuch-search-terms(7),   notmuch-show(1),   not‐


       Carl Worth and many others


       2009-2018, Carl Worth and many others