Weird tagging issue

Brian May brian at
Sun Mar 29 16:55:40 PDT 2020

Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg at> writes:

>> "1584434229.8921_0.wspdigital:2,S" -> { "pr-wspdigital/bupaoshc/88 at" } 
>> "1584434231.8924_0.wspdigital:2,S" -> { "pr-wspdigital/bupaoshc/88 at" }
>> "1584434232.8927_0.wspdigital:2,S" -> { "pr-wspdigital/bupaoshc/88 at" }
>> "1584434234.8930_0.wspdigital:2,S" -> { "pr-wspdigital/bupaoshc/88 at" }
> The surprising thing about this output is that there appear to be 4
> copies of message that References: itself!
> And, many many other messages also reference that message too.
> Would you be willing to send me the full headers from one of the above 4
> files so i can verify that this is correct?

I suspect you only need the Message-ID and the References headers,
right? If not, can send more:

Message-ID: <pr-wspdigital/bupaoshc/88 at>
References: <pr-wspdigital/bupaoshc/88 at>

This applies to all 4 of those messages. Yes, they all look like they
have the same Message-ID

Also I am not seeing any duplicate headers or anything like that.
Brian May <brian at>

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