How to use notmuch on several devices

David Bremner david at
Mon Mar 2 10:33:10 PST 2020

moonmaillist at writes:

> I really want to use my mailboxes on several devices, but because 
> notmuch doesn't edit emails (at least that's what I've read so far), I 
> just wonder, how to keep the inboxes the same/in sync and export/import 
> notmuch configuration and how to use it on a new device? Would a git 
> repository be a good idea, which includes the notmuch database and all 
> emails?

I don't think keeping the xapian database in a git repository would work
very well (because it consists of large binary files that change often),
It is reasonable to keep the output of "notmuch dump" in a git
repository. This is what "nmbug" (shipped with the notmuch source) and
my own older homebrew solution do. Unfortunately I don't know of a
"working-out-of-the-box" solution (other than muchsync, mentioned in
another reply).


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