[aperezdc/notmuch-addrlookup-c] Possibility to upstream (#23)

Antoine Beaupré anarcat at orangeseeds.org
Wed Feb 19 05:55:32 PST 2020

On 2020-02-18 21:21:01, David Bremner wrote:
> anarcat <notifications at github.com> writes:
>> One improvement we could *already* do with notmuch-address would be to enforce searching for to/from headers, which doesn't seem to be the case right now. I have a [wrapper script](https://gitlab.com/anarcat/scripts/-/blob/master/notmuch-address) where I do basically this:
>>     exec notmuch address from:"$*"
>> I would love to be able to do `to:"$*"` here, but that gives the unexpected result of the `From` addresses instead of `To` in that search... And `--output=recipients` does not fix that at all...
> If you have a way to reproduce this (e.g. that works with the notmuch
> test corpus, or at least doesn't depend on your mail), please let us
> know. I can't really understand the problem from the description here,
> so it's not likely to get fixed.
> PS this is not sent via github, as it's not about notmuch-addrlookup

It's quite simple really. If I do:

     notmuch address to:anarcat

I get all the email addresses that wrote *to* anarcat. In other words,
notmuch-address seems to look only at the From header to extract emails
it shows the user, regardless of the query provided. For example, right
after you sent that email, the first result was:

    David Bremner <david at tethera.net>

.. because you were the last email address that sent me an email.

Not sure I can work that out in a test case, but at least it should
explain a bit more how that problem occurs...


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