notmuch-bookmarks now in melpa

Jörg Volbers joerg at
Sun Feb 2 23:12:04 PST 2020

Hi everybody,

the emacs package notmuch-bookmarks just got merged into melpa. It 
allows to bookmark notmuch query buffers, thus providing an 
alternative to notmuch-jump-search. To ease the handling of these 
bookmarks, some additional functionality is provided, i.e., 
restrict the bookmark menu to the notmuch buffers only, or edit 
the query or the name of the notmuch bookmark interactively. Any 
feedback and suggestions are welcome.

If you are audacious, you might actually also try "notmuch-alerts" 
which is in the same github repository, but not in melpa yet. It 
adds alerts on top of the bookmarks, so that you can eassily see 
which bookmarked query has received new mails. In fact, adding 
alerts turns the bookmark feature into a complete alternative to 
the notmuch hello screen. I use the package on a daily basis.


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