Searching for an Exact Email Address

Teemu Likonen tlikonen at
Sat Feb 1 22:12:50 PST 2020

Kevin Foley [2020-02-01T16:29:25-05] wrote:

> I'm getting unexpected results when trying to search for messages
> associated with an email address.

> $ notmuch search to:"example at"

> My understanding is this should be treated as a phrase which means
> that exact phrase will be searched for, is this correct?

Double quotes are special characters in your shell and it interprets
them so that notmuch doesn't get them. There are different ways in shell
to escape special characters:

    to:\"example at\"
    'to:"example at"'

The shell built-in "set" is useful for testing parameters:

    $ set -- to:"example at" to:\"example at\"
    $ printf '%s\n' "$@"
    to:example at
    to:"example at"

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