proposing "notmuch purge"

Jameson Graef Rollins jrollins at
Tue Jan 14 11:55:36 PST 2020

On Tue, Jan 14 2020, Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg at> wrote:
>> I think that the "SEARCH-TERMS" part should be configurable, not
>> hard-coded. A user could have setting like
>> "search.purge_tags=deleted;spam" and that would lead to search terms
>> "tag:deleted OR tag:spam" in the purge operation.
> I want the user to be able to run "notmuch purge", with no arguments, to
> "Do What I Mean"™
> I also want the "purge" subcommand to have its own configuration
> space -- it's *not* a specialized form of "search".

Honestly I don't see the point of any user configuration here.  Seems
likely to only add confusion and possibly improperly deleted messages,
which would be very bad.

Just use the "deleted" tag only.  It's already being used in multiple
place to mean that the message should be deleted.


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