email recipient not taken into account when replying?

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at
Wed Jan 8 08:19:01 PST 2020


I sometimes receive some emails at the address
president at This email is declared as part of my
alternate emails (I do not consider this private information so I'm
posting it):

(setq message-alternative-emails
      (regexp-opt '("alan.schmitt at"
                    "alan.schmitt at"
                    "alan.schmitt at"
                    "president at")))

When I reply in emacs, notmuch uses my email in The
surprising thing is that this does not cause a problem for the email in (replies are sent from that address), but only for (I did not test

Is there another way to tell notmuch to use as From address the address
the email was sent to, if it's one of my emails?



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