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Martin/Geno geno+dev at
Sat Nov 16 19:11:22 PST 2019

thank you for the ignore hint, works nice for me ;)

LG genofire

Quoting David Bremner (2019-11-16 18:00:29)
> Martin/Geno <geno+dev at> writes:
> > A option of disable console output like:
> > ```
> > Note: Ignoring non-mail file: ...
> > ```
> There has been not much enthusiasm from the notmuch developers for this
> because those are typically warnings of misconfigured mail delivery
> systems. There is also the possibility of ignoring specific files (see
> notmuch-config(5)).
> A feature request for some improvement of those messages is
> noted in the thread at id:87imvc5pvg.fsf at I'd have to
> re-read the entire thread to be sure, but I think the idea was to change
> Note to Warning, which might not be an improvement for you.
> d
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