can a notmuch query filter the output based on the size of a thread?

Jameson Graef Rollins jrollins at
Mon Nov 11 11:08:11 PST 2019

On Mon, Nov 11 2019, Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg at> wrote:
> On Mon 2019-11-11 09:48:47 -0800, Jameson Graef Rollins wrote:
>> I'm not sure I understand what the question is.  They want to count
>> messages, i.e. "notmuch count"?
> nope, i think they want:
>    - show me all threads where:
>       - at least one message has the tag 'list/questions', and

I have never personally had the need to search based on numbers of
messages, but I have definitely thought that it would be good if
searches worked over entire threads instead of just messages.  I would
much prefer if a search for "foo AND bar" would turn up a thread where
"foo" was mentioned in one message in the thread and "bar" was mentioned
in another.  I think that would be very useful.

>       - at least two distinct messages are present
> does that make more sense?
>       --dkg

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