Unread handling

Teemu Likonen tlikonen at iki.fi
Mon Nov 11 07:57:45 PST 2019

Johan Parin [2019-11-11T00:16:17+01] wrote:

> My real frustration lies in the thread view. Typically threads will be
> partially read and I want to read only unread messages.

> I'm trying instead to use the tree view, this seems to me the more
> natural way to view threads. So I immediately do `Z' whenever I enter
> a thread. I would like to have the option to enter tree view
> automatically for a thread from the search buffer. Is it possible?

It seems to me that using search term tag:unread will help you. Try this
in the *hello* buffer:

    z tag:unread

You'll go directly to tree view and unread messages will show with
normal colours and read messages with grey colour. Commands "n" and "p"
will skip over read messages ("N" and "P" won't). You can configure
saved searches to start with tree view.

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