Notmuch, Emacs and pinentry -- oh my

Ralph Seichter abbot at
Fri Nov 8 07:40:05 PST 2019

* David Bremner:

> My only (not always popular advice) w.r.t. pinentry is to use a
> graphical pinentry if at all possible.

I only access the server with a terminal, and that's where Emacs is
running in. Curses is as graphical as it gets. ;-)

> Not all Emacs binaries have support for emacs-pinentry built
> in. Reading gpg passphrases (or root passwords) into the same
> emacs as runs a mail or irc client makes me nervous personally [...]

See, section "The
pinentry.el library has been removed.", remarks about minibuffer
vs. graphical pinentry programs.

I have tried 'epa-pinentry-mode' with both loopback and nil, and I tried
both with and without 'allow-emacs-pinentry' in gpg-agent.conf. It does
not seem to make a difference what I try, though.

As for the nuclear option of decoding on indexing: That worries me more
than using Emacs with some form of pinentry and gpg-agent.


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