python CFFI bindings integration into notmuch build/test

David Bremner david at
Mon Nov 4 03:10:56 PST 2019

David Bremner <david at> writes:

> This series is on top of a slightly modified version [1] of
>      id:20191008210312.20685-2-flub at
> If you want to try out the new bindings, you can try the branch wip/cffi in the repo
> One current annoyance is that the version of pytest on travis is too
> old for what is specified in tox.ini.

I fixed this by moving the travis env to bionic (2018.x).  This involved
dropping dkg's notmuch ppa. Daniel, do you happen to know if there is
anything in that repo that we should still keep when building in ubuntu
bionic? FWIW, the build succeeds without that PPA.


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