Segfault in libxapian when searching

Sebastian Poeplau sebastian.poeplau at
Tue Oct 29 10:50:32 PDT 2019

Hi all,

After a recent upgrade to Notmuch 0.29.2 and Xapian 1.4.13 I see Notmuch
fail with a segmentation fault inside when executing
queries that I've been running regularly and without problems before.

Let me start with the stack trace:

Stack trace of thread 3133:
#0  0x00007fe0eb4ecee4 n/a (
#1  0x00007fe0eb4f06fe n/a (
#2  0x00007fe0eb4f7284 n/a (
#3  0x00007fe0eb4161f8 _ZNK6Xapian7Enquire8Internal8get_msetEjjjPKNS_4RSetEPKNS_12MatchDeciderE (
#4  0x00007fe0eb416466 _ZNK6Xapian7Enquire8get_msetEjjjPKNS_4RSetEPKNS_12MatchDeciderE (
#5  0x00007fe0ebbc49ca n/a (
#6  0x00007fe0ebbc527e notmuch_query_search_threads (
#7  0x0000557fc9f05c68 n/a (notmuch)
#8  0x0000557fc9efa12c n/a (notmuch)
#9  0x00007fe0eb5d7153 __libc_start_main (
#10 0x0000557fc9efa2ee n/a (notmuch)

The type of query in question is the following: "not tag:notmuch-list
and to:notmuch at". It crashes, but only if there is a
matching message. Quoting the email address separately doesn't change
anything. I have several such queries for different lists in my post-new
hook, and the problem seems to apply to all of them.

When I run the search with NOTMUCH_DEBUG_QUERY=1, I get the following
query information:

Query string is:
not tag:notmuch-list and to:notmuch at
Exclude query is:
Query((Kdeleted OR Kspam))
Final query is:
Query(((Tmail AND ((<alldocuments> AND_NOT Knotmuch-list) AND (XTOnotmuch at 1 PHRASE 3 XTOnotmuchmail at 2 PHRASE 3 XTOorg at 3))) AND_NOT (Kdeleted OR Kspam)))

Does anyone have an idea where the problem could be or how to
investigate further?


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