Python binding documentation on readthedocs out of date

David Bremner david at
Mon Sep 23 15:47:50 PDT 2019

Johannes Löthberg <johannes at> writes:

> Hello,
> I just noticed that the python binding documentation hosted on 
> readthedocs are very out of date.  The "latest" version is for 0.25rc1, 
> and the "stable" version is for 0.24.2.  Would be great if someone could 
> build more current versions.

Unfortunately the (active) notmuch developers don't control either the
notmuch related sites on

If I could figure out how, I'd petition to have them taken down,
since neither is maintained.

Alternatively of course someone could maintain them, but that hasn't
happened so far.  I would also consider patches that integrated
readthedocs updates into the notmuch release process, if that could be
managed in a not too horrible way.


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