version 4: Retrieve GPG keys asynchronously.

Tomi Ollila tomi.ollila at
Sun Sep 15 13:22:31 PDT 2019

On Wed, Sep 11 2019, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:

> In id:87blw1rldy.fsf at, bremner identified two of my edits
> breaking dme's series that permits asynchronous retrieval of OpenPGP
> keys.
> This is a revision of that series that should apply to the current
> master, taking into account my earlier fixes.
> dme, if you could review i would appreciate it.  I think i've done
> what you would have done, but as usual my elisp skills are weaker than
> yours, so i welcome your feedback.  The test suite passes for me at
> least :)
> Sorry for contributing to the collision earlier!

This series looks good to me. I did not (take time to look how to) test,
but I trust dkg has basically executed all changed code :D. Some of the
code was just style change w/o functional change (one let* context puzzled 
me for a while) -- for better which is good!

>       --dkg


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