Threading of forwarded messages

David Bremner david at
Tue Sep 3 03:17:26 PDT 2019

Örjan Ekeberg <ekeberg at> writes:

> Hi,
> Let me first say that I am a very happy user of notmuch+emacs.  Once the
> initial setup and configuration was done, usage has been a very pleasant
> experience.  It daily saves me from getting lost in the constant torrent
> of incoming e-mail, where most need replies or to be forwarded to others
> to deal with.
> One thing that I have not been able to configure is the handling of
> forwarded messages.  Forwarded messages are archived as new messages,
> not linked to the messages being forwarded.  This makes it hard to keep
> track of which messages I have forwarded (and therefore is in the hands
> of someone else).  I would like the messages to be linked into the same
> thread.

This feature should be available in notmuch 0.29.


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