notmuch-emacs: WISH: command notmuch-show-message-up with key bindung u

David Bremner david at
Mon Aug 26 07:12:13 PDT 2019

Gregor Zattler <telegraph at> writes:

> Dear notmuch developers, when reading a long going discussion
> which is deeply threaded, it often would come in handy if it was
> possible to jump up to the parent message of the message on is
> reading, unfolding this message in notmuch-show if necessary.
> This command notmuch-show-message-up or
> notmuch-show-parent-message could be bound to "u" since this key
> is not used in notmuch-show-mode-map.

Hi Gregor;

The idea seems reasonable; I'm not sure how hard it would to impliment,
since iirc all of the data structures point from parent to child. I've
added it to the list at

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