Threaded view would do annoying scroll

Sanel Zukan sanelz at
Fri Aug 23 05:18:15 PDT 2019

Hi David,

Actually, I've had Emacs session running for a couple of weeks where
I've been also hacking some elisp code - I guess I've changed something
and forgot about that.

Your comment prompted me to try obvious approach - to dissect my init.el
file and, at the end, simple Emacs restart solved the problem.

Thanks and apologies for the noise.

Best regards,

David Bremner <david at> writes:
> Sanel Zukan <sanelz at> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I'm using Emacs 26.2 and Notmuch 0.28.2 and I noticed that after
>> updating Emacs to 26.2, notmuch would start doing annoying (auto)scroll
>> inside thraded view opened message, probably trying to center the
>> message. The search is done calling `notmuch-search`.
>> Anyone got similar behavior or knows how to mitigate it? Notmuch would
>> work fine in Emacs 24.3.1.
> I haven't noticed anything like this in emacs 26.1. Can you give us a
> recipe to reproduce the problem, e.g. with a thread from the notmuch
> mailing list?
> d

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