Indentation style

Ralph Seichter abbot at
Tue Jul 30 06:37:46 PDT 2019

* Tomi Ollila:

> I like mixed tabs and spaces. for example cursor moves faster...

If that's the case, you're just not using the right keys to move around
the source code. :-) In Vim, keys like W/B, +/- etc. ignore whitespaces
anyway, and Emacs has equivalents. Rumour has it there are other editors
out in the wild, but then, some people believe anything... ;-)

I am aware this is a sensitive subject, but looking at the last 35+
years, I personally found that the only reliable way to avoid whitespace
related hassle is to stick to spaces only. I am not in a position to
decide this, of course, but I am glad that Python [1] even comes with a
command line option which turns mixed indentation into errors, making it
easy to spot these situations.



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