Emacs: UI problems with messages excluded by several tags

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Fri Jul 19 05:19:13 PDT 2019

Teemu Likonen <tlikonen at iki.fi> writes:

> *notmuch-hello* buffer has "All tags" section which lists how many
> messages there are for every tag. However, if a message has two
> different excluding tags (like "spam" and "deleted") then that message
> is not shown anywhere in the "All tags" list. The message count does not
> show it and the message does not show in the search when user clicks the
> tag.

I'm not sure I follow you. It seems like this should be the behaviour
also if the message is tagged with one exclude tag; i.e. it sounds like
it is working as I expect.  Can you explain how 2 exclude tags makes a
difference for you?


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