Transitioning notmuch/Xapian from 32-bit to 64-bit system

David Bremner david at
Tue Jul 9 09:28:51 PDT 2019

Thomas Schwinge <thomas at> writes:

> sizes?).  Doing some light (read-only!) testing, it seems to work fine to
> access the old 32-bit built Xapian "chert" database with 64-bit
> notmuch/Xapian.  Is that (a) generally safe and expected to work fine,
> (b) there may be issues, or (c) don't do that, or don't know?

IIRC, Olly previously confirmed that the Xapian database is architecture
independent. I don't think notmuch uses xapian in any weird ways that
should break that.

It should work up to an 1.4.x release of Xapian and 0.29 of
notmuch. Xapian 1.5 (development) and 1.6 (future stable) will drop
support for chert.

> (Of course, I'll eventually want to rebuild the database, to take
> advantage of several new features both on the notmuch and Xapian sides,
> but I'd prefer to do that later.)

It would be wise to make a backup with "notmuch dump" before going much further.

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