notmuch search / result:messages instead of threads

meOme jan-adams at
Wed Jul 3 02:17:06 PDT 2019

Well, I thought i got the solution, but in the end I am still at the same

I can't search for messages, only for threads.

I want to show a list of matching messages with the common header data
(subject, date, etc.).
When I use notmuch serach ... I only get the ids of the messages and the
header data of the thread only. So not the headerdata per message (just per
I could then use the ids and fire a request per id to get the headerdata
only using 'body=false'. But this means many, many more requests (depending
on the matches in the threads).

When I try to search for messages using notmuch show with 'body=false'
directly, this doesn't work because i use --limit=X to fill the list
iteratively. 'limit=X' isn't supported in notmuch show.

So no real solution to provide a list of messages with headerdata by a

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