[PATCH] python: bind add_property/remove_property and related methods

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Sun Jun 16 21:31:19 PDT 2019

On Sun 2019-06-16 02:52:52 +0300, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> On Fri 2019-06-14 22:34:16 +0200, VA wrote:
>> As a general rule, an application MUST prefix their own property names 
>> with "x-<project>-". It is recommended to report an application's 
>> properties on the notmuch wiki, to open collaboration with other 
>> projects having common use cases, ultimately opening to standardization 
>> outside a project's namespace.
> I like this text.

I note that in id:874l92gcy2.fsf at tethera.net, Bremner points out:

>>> BTW, notmuch is currently using . as a namespace separator, so this
>>> would look more like "x-project."

(as opposed to "x-project-' , that is. note the difference in


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