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Sorry for the mess -- too tired to fight with this -- hopefully the content
is readable below (will not know before mail leaves...)

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From: Tomi Ollila <tomi.ollila at iki.fi>
To: notmuch at notmuchmail.org
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2019 23:11:47 +0300
Subject: Re: [PATCH] configure: fix mktemp call for macOS

cannot (easily) attach to the thread from this account, therefore...

First, it would be better if

TEMP_GPG=$(mktemp -d "${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/notmuch.XXXXXX")

worked, then the behaviour on Linux would not change.

To me it looks like the problem in that one debian bug (i847206) is that the
directory pathname is already like 106 octets -- and on Linux the maximun
unix domain socket pathname is 108 octets -- gpg socket is probably longer
than 1 octet here :D

In case of macOS (and BSD, so says internet) max pathname is 104 octets

In Ralph's example $TMPDIR is


-- 50 octets. Also probably older system would not have so much longer
tmpdir settings that appending gpg socket name would make length pass
104 octets...

But I am not personally against "hardcoding" /tmp/ (i.e. ignoring TMPDIR) as
prefix location where temporary directory for GNUPGHOME is created
(and, again I don't see where it could fail (barring cases similar to xkcd
 workflow)), but perhaps the behavioural change could be mentioned in
the commit message.

(BTW: in case of clutter, by default $TMPDIR is not set, and if set then
user is
responsible of cleaning the clutter. if macOS does its own magic with
$TMPDIR (i.e. w/o user's intervention) then os should also take care
of the clutter...)

(BTW2: I was about to claim that ./configure in notmuch removes GNUPGHOME
 quickly after its use has ended, but I did not look anything doing that...)

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