HTML email in notmuch-el.

Dmitry M dmitrym at
Wed Jun 12 15:10:12 PDT 2019

Good afternoon everyone,

I've been struggling a bit customizing the reading view, particularly with
HTML emails. A lot of my mail comes from Outlook, JIRA and other
applications that generate HTML emails by default. In fact, now that I
think about it, most of it is HTML.

notmuch-el does an ok job of rendering this content but I'm wonder if it
the out of the box experience can be improved. I'm very new to emacs so I
may have missed something. In addition to notmuch, I'm also playing with
mu4e (thanks maildir) and mu4e seems to render these emails more like
Outlook for example, which makes them easier to read.

I'm very new to emacs so I may have missed something. I tried

  (setq mm-text-html-renderer 'shr)

but it wasn't very helpful.

I have the following questions:

1. Is there any documentation on how to improve notmuch-el's HTML
rendering? Partciularly around rendering various [miltipart/*] messages
inline and preserving some of the original layout?
2. Is there a way to integrate mu4e-view with notmuch?

I strongly prefer notmuch's approach to email but mu4e message view does a
better job of rendering emails that I recieve. I'd appreciate any advice.

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