Ye olde Apple mktemp

Ralph Seichter abbot at
Mon Jun 10 14:55:42 PDT 2019

* Ralph Seichter:

> The following local patch solves the issue for me [...]

Well, it does solve the mktemp call failing due to a missing
parameter. There is however additional fun [1] to be had once mktemp

Checking for GMime session key extraction support... gpg: can't connect to the agent: File name too long
gpg: error getting the KEK: No agent running
gpg: error reading '[stdin]': No agent running
gpg: import from '[stdin]' failed: No agent running
*** Error: Could not extract session keys from encrypted message.

This is likely due to your GMime having been built against a old
version of GPGME.

Please try to rebuild your version of GMime against a more recent
version of GPGME (at least GPGME 1.8.0).
Your current GPGME development version is: 1.13.0-unknown

I found a GNUPGHOME length limit mentioned in a Debian bug [2] and other
places; looks like the Notmuch build is running into that limit. That
configure does not regcognize GPGME 1.13.0 is of course only a minor
issue, but the GnuPG error breaks the build.



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