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Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Sun Jun 9 12:40:16 PDT 2019

Hi Bremner--

Thanks for doing this kind of cleanup work.  Long-term consistency is
worth the short-term pain.  The main short-term pain comes from dealing
with changes that are in-flight.  As someone with a couple of series
that are in flight, of course i'd prefer that you merge my changes
first, before you apply this cleanup so i don't have to rebase.  :P But
i care more that we get the cleanup done, and i'm also fine with
rebasing if you do that. (rebasing against a consistent codebase is
easy, compared to planning and implementing features and fixes

rip the band-aid off!

On Fri 2019-06-07 07:58:24 -0300, David Bremner wrote:
> I'm pondering running uncrustify on all/most of the notmuch codebase,
> but I noticed a few things that uncrustify does are either not
> documented in STYLE, or maybe contradicted.
> 1) Should block comments start with '*' ? Uncrustify thinks yes, STYLE
>    is silent, the codebase says mostly yes.  I think update STYLE to
>    match uncrustify here.
> 2) Should there be a space after '!'? Uncrustify says yes, STYLE is
>    silent, the codebase is inconsistent. Updating STYLE would be the
>    easy thing here, but I remember previous discussions being
>    inconclusive.

I'm fine going with uncrustify's decision for these two points.

> 3) Similar for space between '++' and '--' and operand

for whatever reason, i find myself preferring these attached without a
space between ++ and -- and the operand, whether as a prefix or postfix
operator.  If it's possible (i don't really know uncrustify) i'd like to
have the codebase say both "foo++" and "++foo".  But if it's hard to
convince uncrustify, or if anyone else has a preference for "foo ++"
i'll cope.

> 4) uncrustify wants to move 'const char* foo' to 'const char *foo'.

Yes, please.  I prefer keeping the * next to the variable.

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