Using Xapian synonyms with notmuch

David Bremner david at
Fri May 31 03:46:07 PDT 2019

Xu Wang <xuwang762 at> writes:

> xu:$ notmuch config set query.james "from:james or from:jimmy or from:jaime"
> xu:$ notmuch search "from:james" | wc -l
> 79
> xu:$ notmuch search "from:james or from:jimmy or from:jaime" | wc -l
> 91
> xu:$ notmuch search james | wc -l
> 177
> I was hoping above quantities would be the same, so I think I did
> something wrong.

That's not how saved queries work. You need to search for "query:james"
not "from:james".

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