Segfault on notmuch compiled using commit 73cebe6e7233f59ba26d9f7c05265b7776795818

David Bremner david at
Tue May 28 03:48:11 PDT 2019

rey-coyrehourcq <sebastien.rey-coyrehourcq at> writes:

> Hi, 
> Using Ubuntu 18, i have a segfault after update and recompilation of notmuch at
> commit  73cebe6e7233f59ba26d9f7c05265b7776795818 (HEAD -> master, origin/master,
> origin/HEAD)

Are you running 18.04 or 18.10?  Travis is currently successfuly running
the notmuch test suite in Ubuntu 18.04, but it involves supplying quite
a few of the dependencies from a PPA.

Does the notmuch test suite pass on your machine? (make test)

- if yes, that suggests something unanticipated about your mail
  store. The GMime messages suggest it has something to do with the new
  support for gzipped messages. In this case a backtrace using gdb might
  help, as would checking for strange things like dangling symlinks.

- if no, then could you please compare the versions of dependencies with
  those reported at

  Search for "After this operation, 40.7 MB of additional disk space will
  be used." to skip some noise at the top.

  The version of GMime is particularly important.


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