[PATCH 1/2] emacs: Move notmuch-search-interactive-region to notmuch-lib as notmuch-interactive-region

Leo Vivier leo.vivier+org at gmail.com
Mon May 20 05:35:06 PDT 2019


With the patch now in master, the documentation for Emacs (‘Tips and
Tricks for using Notmuch with Emacs’) needs to be updated:

‘notmuch-search-interactive-region’ is mentioned in the second block of

Also, could we mark the old function as obsolete?  Some of my commands
broke after pulling the changes, and that’s what led me to the doc in
the first place.

I’ve attached a quick patch for marking the old command as obsolete.  I
don't think the `emacstips' doc is in the repo, so I couldn't fix it.


Leo Vivier
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