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David Edmondson dme at
Wed Apr 10 05:04:36 PDT 2019

On Wednesday, 2019-04-10 at 13:52:25 +02, Pierre Neidhardt wrote:

> David Edmondson <dme at> writes:
>> How? Don't I still have to hit one key?
> No, you just start writing at the end of the buffer, this area is then
> marked as writable.


>>> - No need to play with buffers to display both the thread and the composition.
>> If a thread is any length, I will want to split the window to show older
>> mail while I'm writing my comments at the bottom of the thread. So there
>> might only be one buffer, but two windows, so I'm not sure of the
>> benefit.
> True.  But if the thread is not that long, or if we only want to look at
> the last thread, then we don't need to.  With a separate buffer, we
> always have to play with the buffers to display them side by side, for instance.


>> Well, this presumes a particular workflow and set of mail
>> clients. Whether it's a good idea to top post without the bottom is
>> debatable, I think.
> I'm confused: can it be top-posting if there is no citation?

I was struggling to express myself :-)

Perhaps “without any context” would be better.

> Citations don't offer much guarantee in terms of data integrity.  If
> someone wants to read the previous message, they should open the
> previous message, regardless of the workflow / client I think.
> All this can be made optional and configurable.

Yes. My argument was not that we shouldn't have this, just that I wonder
if it results in a good workflow for people who are not using
notmuch/mu4e/gmail (or any other client that shares the same kind of
thread view).

Leaves are falling all around, it's time I was on my way.

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