notmuch-show: Verification via epa-verify-region affected by formatting hooks

Rainer Gemulla rgemulla at
Thu Apr 4 08:19:22 PDT 2019

Hi all,

when a message contains an text/plain part that is signed via inline pgp and shown in notmuch-show-mode, verification of that part's signature via epa-mail-verify or epa-verify-region fails. 

The reason is that the hooks in notmuch-show-insert-text/plain-hook modify the text (and thus the signature becomes invalid). Calling notmuch-show-pipe-part with "gpg --verify" works as expected and verifies the correctness of the signature.

Not sure what to do about this, but I find the current behavior confusing. The notmuch emacstips documentation also (implicitly) states that verification of inline pgp can be done via the epa-* functions. 

One option may be to document this behavior. Another one to add a function like notmuch-crypto-verify-part (which is what I currently do). And/or one may be verify each inline pgp signature part by default (when crypto processing is enabled) and add a "crypto button".

Best & thanks,
Rainer Gemulla
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