Cycle-expand all org-style in show-mode and search all

David Edmondson dme at
Wed Apr 3 04:11:39 PDT 2019

On Wednesday, 2019-04-03 at 11:14:42 +02, Pierre Neidhardt wrote:

> Is it possible to cycle-expand-all subtrees in show-mode, à-la Org?

What do you mean by “subtrees”?

M-RET should open all of the messages in the thread, but it doesn't do
anything about regions that are hidden within messages due to washing.

> Related: is it possible to search the entire conversation, even when
> messages are folded?


> If not, the workaround would be to temporarily expand-all (once the
> above feature is implemented), and search from there.

You might also be able to do something with isearch-open-invisible
properties on the overlay used to fold messages.

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