notmuch ignoring alot of emails

David Bremner david at
Sat Mar 30 04:29:46 PDT 2019

"Alexei Gilchrist" <te100 at> writes:

> Hi
> When I run notmuch I get a bunch (hundreds) of emails that are ignored 
> with:
> Note: Ignoring non-mail file: ...
> The files are valid maildir files but have a paragraph somewhere in the 
> body where someone has written "From ".

And do they also have have a line starting with "From " as the first
line? This makes them mbox files. The second "From " makes them mbox
files with multiple messages. Notmuch thinks your MDA (the thing that
made those files) is misconfigured, assuming my guess about the format
is correct.

> Is there a fix to force the recognition of maildir files in this case? I 
> thought this was a solved problem with gmime since 2.6.7.

There is not currently a way to do that. It's not a GMime problem, it's
a design choice of notmuch to avoid parsing multiple message
mbox's. That was originally added as a safety feature, and I think it
should probably stay the default. If someone wants work on adding a
configuration switch I can point them in the right direction.

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