inconsistent handling of stderr in notmuch-emacs

David Bremner david at
Thu Mar 28 04:26:51 PDT 2019

Tomi Ollila <tomi.ollila at> writes:

> for Older emacses the following code snippet could be utilized 
> (originally a13b38824 (Austin Clements 2013-05-31)):
>     (proc (apply #'start-process name buffer
>                  "/bin/sh" "-c" 
>                  "exec 2>\"$1\"; shift; exec \"$0\" \"$@\""
>                  command err-file args))
> But if we dropped support for emacs 24 (NEWS.25 mentioned make-process)
> then we could use make-process everywhere :D

I'm OK with deprecating support for emacs24 in the next release, and
considering that the medium term plan for dealing with this issue.


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