Synchronize tags across machines without a mail server

Ralph Seichter abbot at
Tue Mar 19 11:45:30 PDT 2019

* Dan Čermák:

> Ralph Seichter <abbot at> writes:
>> * Pierre Neidhardt:
>>> muchsync ( Requires our own mail server if I
>>> understand correctly.
>> No. If you have a machine A with notmuch already set up, and want to
>> sync to machine B, you only need SSH access from B to A (plus notmuch
>> and muchsync installed on B).
> That's correct if you are fine with machine B only syncing with machine
> A via muchsync and no longer with your mail servers via IMAP (or at
> least I don't know a way how to make that work).

Sorry for quoting the whole history here, but I don't see how your
comment relates to me stating that muchsync does not require a "mail
server"? If the MTA can deliver into Maildir (like Postfix can), one
does not need an IMAP server at all.

Muchsync can perform both content and metadata synchronisation, which
takes care of my needs. I run it as a background job on my notebook. An
IMAP server can be in the mix somewhere, but is not needed. That's all I
am trying to say.


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