how do i split my email view (AKA I got a new job)

Antoine Beaupré anarcat at
Sun Mar 10 09:19:47 PDT 2019


So I got a new job, and that means I have a new email address that
forwards to my regular mail spool. *Normally*, all that junk should end
up in a separate folder so I am tagging it all as "+work" (there are
quite a few corner cases which I handle individually, but from here on
we can assume there's a single tag to identify all that mail).

How do I stay sane during the weekends? There's a *lot* of junk coming
in that's polluting my "notmuch-hello" view. Here's a "screenshot":

   Welcome to notmuch. You have 188 359 messages.

Saved searches: [edit]

          67 inbox        259 sent           3 drafts         2 todo

Search:                                                                               .

All tags: [hide]

           1 attachment               27 logwatch                  3 work-project
          72 commit                   13 nagios                    9 work-admin
          17 cron                    124 rapports                  3 trac
          16 lists                   147 work                    151 unread

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How can I make that "All tags" junk disappear? Or, more specifically,
how do I make it ignore that crowded "work" tag? Bonus points for
flipping back and forth outside of business hours and weekends. :)

I know I can make a billion saved searches to cover for all those
cases. But so far I've used a technique where I tag messages instead of
doing saved searches and it serves me well.


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