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Brian May <brian at> writes:

> David Bremner <david at> writes:
>> Those of you about to tell me how much better FreedomAvocadoCI [2] is
>> [2]: Not (yet) a real product/project.
> I don't know of any existing solution that actually advocates freedom
> :-(

There is for instance GitLab CI, although their "main" product
( is proprietary.

A fully open source "forge" (= something like gitlab, github, etc) with
an integrated CI is It is currently still in
development but already provides a number of different build

Not sure if it can be triggered by webhooks, but the main developer
(Drew DeVault) is quite responsive, so it probably can be integrated
into notmuch's development environment.

> However the following solutions seem to have really good reviews.
> * - need to provide your own machines for agents.
> * - uses own cloud providers.
> Both these solutions - like Travis - are free for open source.
> There is also - it does things a bit
> differently - the workflow is configured through a website. I think I
> prefer circleci.
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