[PATCH] lib/string_map: fix return type of string_cmp

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Tue Mar 5 11:29:41 PST 2019

Matt Armstrong <marmstrong at google.com> writes:

> Perhaps some unit tests for _notmuch_string_map would be worthwhile?

Thanks for the feedback. At first I thought this would be too hard/intrusive,
since the string_map functions are not exported, but I realized
n_message_property_get is a thin wrapper on _notmuch_string_map_get, so
I added the following test. Most of the searches fail before the patch.

test_begin_subtest "testing string map binary search (via message properties)"
cat c_head - c_tail <<'EOF' | test_C ${MAIL_DIR}
   char *keys[] = {"a", "b", "c", "d", "e", NULL};
   for (int i=0; keys[i]; i++)
       EXPECT0(notmuch_message_add_property (message, keys[i], keys[i]));

   for (int i=0; keys[i]; i++) {
      EXPECT0(notmuch_message_get_property (message, keys[i], &val));
      printf("%s = %s\n", keys[i], val);

   for (int i=0; keys[i]; i++)
      EXPECT0(notmuch_message_remove_property (message, keys[i], keys[i]));
== stdout ==
a = a
b = b
c = c
d = d
e = e
== stderr ==
test_expect_equal_file EXPECTED OUTPUT

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