[PATCH] Fix notmuch-describe-key

Sheng Yang yangsheng6810 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 08:36:27 PST 2019

Matt Armstrong <marmstrong at google.com> writes:

> I think it would be great if someone worked with upstream Emacs to make
> the `documentation' function do something useful for evil mode and
> spacemacs.  If that happened, then all packages would benefit.  Porting
> things like counsel-descbinds into packages like notmuch can work but
> does not feel like the right long term solution to me.

I guess the problem does not come from `documentation' function itself.
I will investigate a bit more.

What if we filter the key bindings and show only those that are binded
to notmuch functions? Maybe those functions that matches "^notmuch-"?
This only shows related key bindings related to notmuch, and the list
would not be long anyway.

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Computer Science Department
University of Maryland, College Park
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