[PATCH] configure: resolve real path to bash

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Wed Jan 30 13:30:45 PST 2019

Danh Doan <congdanhqx at gmail.com> writes:

> David Bremner <david at tethera.net> writes:
>> Đoàn Trần Công Danh <congdanhqx at gmail.com> writes:
>>> The old code somehow resolves to `bin/sh' on Arch Linux/Void Linux
>>> auto build systems.
>> I'm not sure if this is better or worse than
>>     https://nmbug.notmuchmail.org/nmweb/show/20190117021132.28327-1-david%40tethera.net
> Sorry for the noise, I somehow couldn't find your patch at that time.
> And I only recognized readlink(1) is not POSIX after sending the patch.
> I wonder if it's better to keep `/usr/bin/env bash` instead of resolving
> bash to specific file. Something like this:

This will require Debian (and I think Fedora) to do the resolution
themselves, because they don't support "#! /usr/bin/env interpreter"
Of course the distro specific patches are slightly less complicated,
since they can hard code the location of bash.


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