[WIP PATCH] emacs: show: reply to calendar parts

Gregor Zattler telegraph at gmx.net
Mon Jan 14 11:18:23 PST 2019

Hi Mark,
* Mark Walters <markwalters1009 at gmail.com> [2016-07-15; 22:31]:
> This allows the user to reply to calendar parts. To reply go to the
> text/calendar part and use ". c", then select accept, decline, or
> tentative. Notmuch gives a reply buffer ready to send as the response.
> For the moment this must be sent manually (C-c C-c as normal).
> ---
> This is a first pass at allowing the user to reply to calendar
> invites. Emacs (at least emacs 24) has gnus-icalendar which contains
> all the things necessary for gnus to reply to calendar parts. This
> wraps some of the functions for gnus-icalendar so they work from notmuch.
> This version does not send the reply automatically, so it is possible
> to review the reply before sending.
> It appears to work with google calendar and outlook invites, but is
> not heavily tested. Please do not use for "important" things!
> If people find it works then I will think about how to polish
> it. Feedback of any sort very gratefully received!

I sent me an calendar invitation via the Open Exchange web
interface, was able to reply within notmuch, Open Exchange
recognised the reply as containing a date.  Open Exchange showed
a button to accept changes to the calendar, when I click on this
button a notification appears, stating that the appointment was

So I think your patch mostly works.

But sadly in Open Exchenge the calendar the status of the
appointment stays the same: There is no hint, that the invitation
was replied to, neither "accept" nor "decline" appear there: The
person who created the appointment is shown with a checked
checkbox in color green, such a sign does not show up for the
person who was invited.
I cannot say who is to blame for this, since I don't know the
first thing about this.

I could provide the accept/decline mails if needed.

Thanks for your patch, I wished for such functionality in

Ciao; Gregor 

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