How do you synchronize your notmuch tags across multiple machines?

Jeff Templon templon at
Wed Jan 9 05:40:31 PST 2019


I too, am using muchsync to synchronize between two machine, I too have
profited from David's quick responses, and I too deal with the problem
of only being able to "fetch mail" on one machine.

I followed the discussion with interest.

Looking at the isync (mbsync) docs (I can't speak for offlineimap) it
might be easier: the state of the sync seems to be kept in little files
per Maildir subdirectory, called .mbsyncstate and .uivalidity.  If
muchsync were to sync these files as well, then I think it would work.
See the explanation of the .mbsyncstate file in this thread:

quote: "mbsync maintains a mapping of remote (col 1) to local (col 2) uids.
when you migrate, you can just duplicate the columns."

He's talking about migrating a mail store from offlineimap to mbsync, I
guess the issues would be the same.



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