Notmuch tags when OfflineIMAP creates a new folder with the same messages

Jorge jorge+list at
Tue Nov 27 05:16:35 PST 2018

Hi.  I work at Dataprev (a Brazilian state-owned federal IT company),
and here we use an email implementation called Expresso 3.0.  I access
it via OfflineIMAP 7.2.1 on Debian buster.  Recently I have gained
access to a shared folder hierarchy called "demandas.dica" (with Drafts,
Sent and Trash subfolders).  OfflineIMAP could not handle it because its
name contains a "." which is the default sep character.

On the OfflineIMAP mailing list, Nicolas Sebrecht recommended I choose
another sep character.  I would choose '+', but I have not yet
configured it.  What is holding me back is the fear that, when I set
sep = "+", OfflineIMAP will create a new 'INBOX+Sent' folder in place of
the current 'INBOX.Sent' and ditto for lots of other folders.  Nicolas
confirmed this is how OfflineIMAP will behave.

So my last doubt is, will Notmuch recognize that the emails are the
same, and keep my tags?  Then after Notmuch indexes the "new" (renamed
copies) folders, can I delete the original folders?


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