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eaon eaon at
Mon Nov 12 10:04:19 PST 2018

Hi Kim,

On 12 Nov 08:29, Kim ALLAMANDOLA wrote:
> … so having a more well-shaped and ready out-of-the box solution is really
> welcomed!

Thanks! Yeah, my organically grown python script really annoyed me too, but the
segfault problems just pushed me over the edge to try and make something
that may be useful to others too. There's still a couple features missing to
have it be as useful as I'd like it to be, but it's a start. I'm certainly open
to feedback!

> The only part I do not like too much is the choice of json instead of
> something, *for me*, less ugly to write/read, less error-prone and more
> flexible like simple plain guile (GNU embeddable, lightweight scheme
> dialect).

I get it. The choice really mostly came down to because it is
such a nice library and very easy to use. It does support other data formats but
I haven't tried any of them. So yeah, I can look into making the input format
more flexible for sure.

> The re-write of notmuch in Rust […]

Ah, misunderstanding there, maybe. notmuch-rs is not a rewrite or port, it's
just an interface/bindings for libnotmuch. A couple people have attempted that
before, I just used the one that someone seemed to actively try to maintain and
take patches for.

As for language preferences, Rust is really just something I got into recently,
and it's fun, the tooling around it is cool even though the centralisation of
some of the infrastructure is something that annoys me a bit. But that is made
up by the open welcoming community.


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